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Protection Amulets

Protection Amulets


Amulets are items of extraordinary spiritual power. They have been worn for protection and strength for many thousands of years. I have create several different types of Amulets such as mini protection jars to stone charged. You can were them around the neck, or simply keep them on your person. These items are symbolic of the desire to ward off evil, also to assist in Manifestations and intention setting.

I takes great care in with each Amulet's creation. Each ingredient is fully charged via alter, moon or sunlight depending on its use. Non custom made Amulets are charged by the poweful Moon light!! As it's new owner you are encouraged to love on it & charged it with all intentions & desires 🙂

PLEASE NOTE: Custom made Amulets are priced accordingly depending on the result of consultation and the size thats required. The price listed ONLY PERTAINS TO NON CUSTOM AMULETS.

****Please schedule a Full Moon Consultation for assist with Amulet intention setting. ****

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