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Mini Honey Brass Cauldron

Mini Honey Brass Cauldron


This is a  Mini Honey Brass cauldron brings with it visions of secretive ancient Beings & powerful magic . Cauldron are used as tools in ritual practices such as:


Manifestation, Banishing, Burn oils , Burning Incense Cones, Burning Herbs & Resins.



These gorgeous and simple Honey Brass cauldron come  complete with legs, and a strong metal handle. 3"H (with handle), 2.5"x2.5"


This beauty  will generally provide a fireproof safe container for anything smoldering, or ritual requiring a form of small fire indoors. Ideal for all kinds of dried herbs, sage, palo santo, as well as any type of resin (with charcoal, or on its own.) Pretty much an indispensable tool for any altar or ritual workspace.


Did we mention yet they are also beautiful as candle holders? (seriously, just grab one! haha)


These multi-purpose altar companions really are useful in any kind of ritual/ceremonial work. Enjoy!

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