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Medium Gold Ancestor Altar Kit w/Alter Gold Mat

Medium Gold Ancestor Altar Kit w/Alter Gold Mat


Each bath has a salt base layered with dried herbs, high quality essential oils and great intentions.

First step is to take a shower before you take any kind of spiritual bath.

After your shower run your bath water. Place the mesh sour bath in the tub first. DO NOT OPEN THE BAG, unless you would like to spilt it into 3 seprate baths. To seperate baths an additional white mesh bag is inluded. It is designed this way to assist with clean up.

Enjoy your bath and think about your aura becoming clear... lighter... free of any negative energy.



Peacock Coal & Cone Burner

Wood Triquetra Burner Tile 

3 peices of Quick Light Coal

Tree Of Life Coal Tongs

Dragons Blood  Incence Cones

Chakra & Dragons Blood Sage

Palo Santo

Horn Tripple Moon Sage Bowl

White Sage Feather

Goddess Body Spirit Water

Patchouli Tea Light

Petition Paper ( Orange & Gold Road Opener )

Mini Matches

Mini Buddah

Om Prayer Chain

Gold Bell

Chakra Stones: ( Amethyst, Tigers Eyes, Green Aventurine, Red Carnelian, Yellow Aventurine , Lapis Lazuli, Clear Quartz.

10 Ancestor Money Bills With 2 Super Hit  Bills.

Gold Alter Mat

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