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Cut & Clear Spiritual Bath

Cut & Clear Spiritual Bath


Cut & Clear Spiritual Bath is made with the intention to call in the purest, most divine energy. The Cut & Clear Bath is like the name implies, the primary use for the Cut & Clear Bath is to help you in break ties with negative relationships and/or any emotional baggage that obstructs your path to progress. This soothing salt water bath is an easy and very relaxing as you cleanse your aura of negative energy. Each bath is curated for a specific intention.

Each bath comes with:

-Palo Santo Candle

-A Prayer(Use is Optional)

-Palo santo Incense.

-White Satchel  (for easy clean-up)

-Mini Bath Scoop


Each blend is handmade and Spiritually Charged. I have created all recipes for my baths and take my work seriously. I am constantly researching new herbs to make sure that my products are safe yet powerful.

-Epsom salt
-Bay Leaf
-Yarrow Flower
-Money Prayer
-Essential oils
-Himalayan Pink Salt

-Special Herb Blend 

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