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Chakra Balancing Kit & Tumbled Stones

Chakra Balancing Kit & Tumbled Stones


Chakra Balancing Kit contains: 1- Chakra Rose White Sage 4" , 2-Palo Santo Sticks 4", 1-Selenite Stick 3-4", 1 - Chakra Lava Bracelet & A Set of 8 chakra crystal stones: 1) Aventurine, 2) Rose Quartz, 3) Red Jasper, 4) Tiger's Eye, 5)Amethyst, 6) Obsidian, 7) Lapis Lazuli, and 8) Clear Quartz.These 8 natural stones (crystals, quartz) are smooth, soothing, and full of potent stone energies.


1. Amethyst 

2. Clear quartz

3.  Red Jasper

4.  Green Aventurine

5. Tigers Eye

6. Rose Quartz

7. Lapis Lazuli

8. Black Obsidian


This is the perfect starter kit for balancing your chakras. Use the 7 color rose petal white sage to clear the negative energy around your surrounding. Use the Palo Santo sticks to bring calmness and positivity. Carry the selenite stick in your pocket, bag, or on you while doing the cleansing ceremony. Finally, wear the 7 chakra color bead lava bracelet to relax and balance your chakras, Use your 7 Tumbled Chakra stones for a multitude of cleansing and balancing. You can also place your selenite stick in the northeast section of your home during home cleansing ceremonies to provide balance to your house.

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