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Rose Quartz Message To You


Rose Quartz’s Message To You:

A soft blanket for your heart A balm for aching wounds I bring comfort & protection To all that’s fragile inside you

A friend to lift low spirits A mend for what’s broken within I open the cage of your heart space To let love & compassion flood in

A cheerleader for your wholeness A band aid to heal old pain I offer forgiveness & acceptance To replace the grief & shame

An unyielding love you can count on A peace that settles into your bones I restore your faith in your own heart Returning you to your one true home

Rose Quartz helps you…

  • Heal & open your heart

  • Release emotional pain

  • Develop more self-love

The Story of Rose Quartz

Born from intense pressure and heat deep within the earth, rose quartz emerges with a delicate soul to nurture your heart and open you to deeper levels of compassion, kindness, and unconditional love.

Incredibly strong and durable on the outside, yet gentle on the inside, rose quartz targets the heart space to open, soften, and bloom, while at the same time keeping you protected and strong. Wherever you’ve built up too much armor or inner defenses though, it will help lower your guard, releasing stubbornness, resentment, and rigidity, allowing you to fall into the soft awareness of what your heart wants, needs, and where it’s directing you.

Rose quartz beads have been found dating back to 7000 BC in what was once ancient Mesopotamia. The stone was also found in ancient Assyrian jewelry, was used to signify ownership in ancient Rome, and in ancient Egypt was thought to help prevent aging and ground into face masks and cosmetics. Rose quartz has been an ingredient in healing tonics, potions, and magical concoctions throughout human history, and is an ancient and eternal symbol of beauty, healing, and love.

With its nurturing and sweet energy, simply holding rose quartz in the center of your palm, or up to your chest, can open your heart center to help soothe sadness, grief, and emotional pain. It’s incredibly reassuring, uplifting, and soothing.

When you feel like you need support, a shoulder to cry on, or the ear of someone who truly accepts you, rose quartz can be that for you, holding you with gentle care, bringing your higher consciousness down into your heart space where you can access it, feel it, and trust it.

Rose quartz holds the echoes of the highest vibrations of divine love, from an unconditional viewpoint where all is one. When you’re feeling helpless or broken, or need a gentle respite from all the struggle and pain, you can find a safe place to land in the arms of rose quartz’s enveloping and inviting energy.

Let’s dig deeper into all the beauty rose quartz holds and how you can use it to bring healing to your everyday life.

Rose Quartz Healing Properties



A stone of fire, rose quartz has an energy that moves quickly into the depths of your heart, but there it seeks to light a candle that will burn eternally, safely, and peacefully within you. It can reignite the flame of your heart whenever it feels like it’s been snuffed out by grief, heartbreak, or emotional pain, reconnecting you with the internal light and love that lives within you, that no experience or circumstance can ever take away. The fire within rose quartz is the fire of love. It’s protective, like a ring around your energy field, and also warm and inviting like a campfire where loved ones gather to cuddle up, share laughter, and make memories. Fire represents creativity, transformation, and the life force of spirit, and rose quartz integrates these energies into your life in very gentle, nurturing ways.



The balance within rose quartz comes through in the balance it holds between fire and water, the harmonic convergence of two opposing forces that can also work together to create alchemy. Its fire element gently warms the waters within you, like a comforting bath for your energy field. As your emotional waters grow warmer, they start to evaporate into steam, they change state, they dissipate. And as the waters of your blood start to warm, they move more swiftly and freely, clearing blockages and stagnancy and increasing your energy. This water energy can also absorb excess heat, helping to balance out any overly firey forces within you, from swelling and inflammation to anger and frustration. And wherever there’s stagnation- think clots or congestion, or feeling emotionally stuck- rose quartz can help get the energy flowing again.



Rose quartz has a calming & harmonizing effect on the whole body and entire energetic system, but is primarily a stone for the heart chakra, and also works beautifully for sacral chakra healing. One of the most nurturing and lovely stones for heart chakra healing, rose quartz cultivates the rosy glow of love from within you, opening the doors, breaking down the walls, and unlocking all the cages you’ve placed around your heart for protection. It shows you that your heart can only truly be protected by your faith in yourself, love for yourself, and belief in your own self-worth. This is a beautiful stone for working on self-love, self-acceptance, and self-healing, as it’s gently nurturing and encouraging like a patient mother, like a kind friend, like someone who understands exactly what you’re going through and is here to stand strong beside you in support. That’s the energy of rose quartz, a quiet cheerleader and coach to help you recognize and accept your own beauty, light, and power. It moves the blood in the heart, helping to regulate blood pressure and circulation in the physical body and to clear and soothe pain and trauma from the emotional body. It’s a great comfort for sadness and grief, a stone that opens you to forgiveness, acceptance, and compassion from the deep depths of love.



Rose quartz helps release repressed and unexpressed emotions which are often stored in the sacral chakra, the energetic center that processes, moves, and filters through the emotional energy in our body. The sacral chakra is also where your life force energy and creativity live, which rose quartz helps boost by dissipating toxic emotions and subconscious patterns and infusing more self-love and self-worth into everything you do. This pretty pink stone also has a strong connection with the reproductive system and can be used to address menstrual irregularities and PMS symptoms, sexual disorders, blood stagnation, and infertility. It has a history of use in sex and fertility magic, as well as medicinal use in helping to balance the endocrine system and hormones. The energy of rose quartz enters in through the heart space and then anchors down into the kidneys, ruled by the sacral chakra, where it soothes and processes unconscious fear and shame, helping liberate you from old wounds.


Invigorating The energy of this beautiful stone is uplifting and cheerful, invigorating the spirit, brightening the mind, and shaking off the shackles around the heart. When you’re feeling dull, low, or stuck, rose quartz comes in to move and shift your energy, clearing out what’s dense and stagnant to get your energy flowing again and reconnect you with your inner fire and the truth within your heart.

Gentle Rose quartz takes the strength of clear quartz energy and moves it inward towards yourself. It has an incredibly gentle and soft frequency that brings comfort and nurturing, that feels like a warm hug from someone you love. When you’re feeling aggressive, angry, frustrated, or are being too harsh, rose quartz gently pulls the reins back on your inner fire, opening you to forgiveness, acceptance, and grace. It’s the stone to reach for when you want to be sweet and notice all the sweetness around you.

Opening Where there are closed doors, stuck pain, or energetic blocks within you, rose quartz comes in to open and expand the energy there. It increases the circulation of blood and the movement of qi, opening the vessels and pathways for energy to flow freely, gently, without inhibition.


Appearance Rose quartz is a form of clear quartz with submicroscopic fibers of a pink borosilicate mineral embedded in it, giving it its rosy hue and hazy translucency. Rose quartz is most often pale in color in its natural form, found in shades from light blush to rose. Energetically speaking, pink is a mix of red and white which respectively relate to the physical body and higher consciousness, and these energies are united as one through rose quartz. Pink resonates with the “higher heart” energy of unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, and openness, like a pink cherry blossom unfolding in the light of the sun.

Composition Rose quartz forms under very high pressure and temperatures, and also in hydrothermal veins (fire + water). This gives it an energetic ability to help you withstand immense pressure and heat in your own life and to respond with gentleness and grace. It has a trigonal crystal structure that relates to the element of fire, which means it can help regulate your internal fire, whether it’s in excess or deficient. This triangle-based structure also has the effect of pushing you beyond self-imposed and societal limitations.

Using Rose Quartz in Everyday Life


Rose quartz is a perfect stone to use to enhance your positive affirmations and help you manifest the changes you want to see within yourself, growing your self-esteem, self-value, and self-acceptance. Hold rose quartz as you look in the mirror and say loving things to yourself. Allow yourself to be seen, to witness the beauty of your vulnerability, rawness, and honesty. The more truth you can witness within yourself, the more your whole life will start to rise into the truth of who you are, and who you came here to be.

Manifesting with rose quartz is about opening up to your soul’s purpose, which at its core is always, eternally, about love. You can program your rose quartz with your intentions or affirmations around love or anything that will make you feel more whole and balanced in life, by speaking the words into it with faith and intent.

This is a great stone for relationships, especially the one you have with yourself. Rose quartz reminds you that you are one hundred percent whole and complete within yourself, helping you release the misbeliefs, conditioning, and past traumas that have kept you from seeing or resting in that fact. You’ve always been whole, and you always will be. No one else can give that to you and no one can take it away.

There are so many reasons your heart may start to close and batten down the hatches to prepare for the next storm, but rose quartz is a gentle yet powerful coaxer to open the doors of your heart again and let love flow in, to let your trust and faith in yourself, and in life, start to fill you back up.

When your love starts to flow from this internal pool of wholeness, deservingness, and truth within you, it’s love in its purest form, one that can hold others up, and truly see and understand them. Rose quartz opens you to forgiveness and acceptance in your relationships by first opening you to these states within yourself, showing you how to treat yourself with true love, care, and respect. From this state of internal harmony, all your relationships can improve. Using feng shui techniques, rose quartz can be placed at the back right corner (in relation to the doorway) of your home, or bedroom, to bring stability and harmony to your relationships.

Shadow Work

When you feel like you need a hand to hold as you walk into the realm of the shadows, rose quartz can guide you in gently acknowledging, accepting, and dissipating the deep wounds that have been hiding in the dark. It’s a beautiful balm that brings light to the shadows and clears the cobwebs in the heart space- all those unfelt and undealt with emotions, the wounds that feel so deep and painful you can’t bear to look. Rose quartz offers comforting, restorative, energy to slowly reveal what’s ready to be healed within you, helping you repair and mend the cracks and breaks in your heart, to stitch up the rips and tears, and bring you back to a state of self-trust, acceptance, and inner harmony.

Sleep & Dreamwork

Rose quartz can be a great choice to keep by your bedside or beneath your pillow, especially when intrusive or critical thoughts are affecting your sleep. It can help calm a racing heart or a racing mind. It will surround you in its nurturing and protective energy, which may activate some revealing dreams bearing helpful and healing messages from your highest heart’s wisdom. If you want a peaceful, non-dreamy sleep, then stray away from sleeping with any quartz-based stone as they all have an activating energy that will interact with your subconscious throughout the night. If, on the other hand, you’re ready to create some deep subconscious healing and allow your fears and dense energies to be processed and released as you sleep, rose quartz can be very beneficial to help you move through the emotional energies that have been hindering your peace and balance in waking life.

Self Care

One of the best self-care stones to have in your arsenal, you can use rose quartz daily in your routine to keep your heart open and energy flowing to help gratitude and love pour in. One of the easiest ways is to simply carry it with you in your pocket or bag, or you can wear it as a pendant over your heart or a bracelet in contact with your pulse to get the most potent effect. For energetic self-care, lay down with a rose quartz at the center of your chest, and gently tap it periodically to activate its energy. This will open the heart chakra, increase loving energy within you and help you surrender and release what’s been heavy, painful, or stagnant within your heart. This is also a beautiful stone to use on the skin via a gua sha or crystal roller made from rose quartz, or you can even rub a smooth tumbled stone gently on your face. Use it to boost circulation and smooth the skin, activate the lymph nodes and move toxins out, and show yourself some loving attention. Take a bath with rose quartz around you or in the water with you to soak up its nurturing, calming effects, soothe your nervous system, and surrender to the flow of the moment. Add rose petals if you’re feeling fancy to boost the loving essence of the crystal’s rosy energy.


A beautiful meditation stone, sit with rose quartz when you want to open your heart and find more peace, acceptance, and love from within you. It’s both energizing and uplifting as well as calming and relaxing, helping balance out all the energies stirring within you so you can arrive at the center of yourself, which lies in the heart. When you’re feeling low down, lonely, or lost in the dark, meditate with rose quartz to dissipate the pain and find more comfort in the present moment, and in yourself. It will cleanse and clear the whole energetic system but is especially focused on cultivating emotional balance. Our guided rose quartz meditation takes you on an uplifting journey to connect with the highest energies of divine love, release pent-up emotional pain, and open your heart to deep levels of acceptance, peace & healing.

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