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Welcome Light Spirits 

Queen Moore The Phoenix
Open Doors
Growth & Transformation
Intuitive Guidance
Elevate Higher
Mental Clarity
Peace of Mind
Total Balance

Schedule your in house reading below at our new charlotte location !!  

Journey with me....

Professional Oracle, NLP Life Coach, Reiki & Sacred Womb Healer

Tarot Reading

I believe that everyone deserves to be at peace within themselves, regardless of one’s belief, religion, or spiritual awareness. It is my honor to help everyone on their journey to find that peace.  I am an Intuitive Reader, An Empath, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant  & Clairaudient. I can also use tools such as Tarot & Oracle Cards, Astrology & Pendulums for Guidance. I am an NLP Life Coach pairing  Reiki Balancing , Energy Clearing & Detoxing . I am also a Spiritual Apothecary & an Oracle of Light, a Sacred Woman Healer & Womb Wellness Healer, who specializes in Trauma Release, Balance & self-love.  If you are on a clear a path, or one that may seem a bit fuzzy. I provide a non-judgmental safe space for ALL ! I help you tap into your inner strength and power and guide you on your journey to walk into opportunities that fit your life's direction & Divine Path. 


" Owner - Charisma Moore " Queen Moore the Phoenix "

Schedule your in house reading below at our new charlotte location !!  

  Oracle, Empath, Intuitive Reader, Mindfulness, NLP Life Coach, Reiki, Sacred Woman & Womb Healer  

Therapy Closeup

NLP Life Coach

Identifying roadblocks that keep you from reaching your desired outcome. 

Enjoying the Nature

Spiritual Life Coach

Identifying Spiritual roadblocks that keep you from experiencing peace, love, purpose, wholeness and appreciation for life. 

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